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Food Intolerance

Food intolerances could be the cause of your health issues

Gaining an understanding of what your body can and cannot tolerate.

Realizing you may have an intolerance to your favourite food? Are you wanting to learn more about what you can and cannot eat? The simple answer is that you may have a food intolerance, but we can look at ways to identify this and what to do after. Below, we go into a bit more detail about the solutions which allow you to continue to eat your favorite meals.

Intolerances are everywhere. Our bodies can have an intolerance to food or the atmosphere. They also can take a while to have an impact on your body. If you’ve recently eaten something new or an item that always causes your body upset, you probably have a food intolerance.

The temptation is to always want to continue to eat our favorite foods. Subconsciously, we want to continue to eat our food of choice but tmbread - Food Intoleranceit is important we are able to rule it out as an offending food item before we continue to do so.

You may not even realize you have a food intolerance until up to 72 hours after you’ve eaten it. However, things get even more confusing when you learn that the same food can affect different people in different ways. Asking someone else if they feel funny after eating the same food is a common reaction when we don’t feel well. The thing is, they may show different symptoms but have the same intolerance. They may also show the same symptoms but have an intolerance to a different item. This is why it is important to take an intolerance test, and with our team, you can figure out the best way forward for you and your diet.

Depending on the nature of your body, people are able to tolerate a certain amount of food, even if they do have an intolerance to it. What’s the catch? If you continue to eat too much of the offending food, your symptoms will only get worse and could affect your everyday life. That includes limiting your ability to throw steaks on the grill with your mates. This is when it becomes even more essential that we catch them, as these intolerances can make your symptoms even worse, and in a worst-case scenario, they can trigger the onset of a chronic illness.

With our tests, you can detect exactly what you have an intolerance to. We suggest removing the particular food item from your diet, before bringing it back slowly after the recommended six weeks. Giving your body time to recover, we can then also clarify that you definitely have an intolerance to this item.

It is important to note, however, that you slowly bring the food back into your diet, as it is vital you recognize what your body can tolerate and what it cannot. If you measure what you are putting into your body, then you are able to assess how much of each food you can have.

Upon receiving your results, we work with you so that you know what they mean and provide you with advice on what to do about it. Helping you to know your body, this can leave you with a happy and healthy lifestyle moving forward. When talking to our in-house nutritionist about your results, you are already on the first step to regaining control of your body.

Putting you at the forefront of our mind, our nutritionist can help you ensure that your body is still getting all the nutrients it requires. Even if you find you have a particular intolerance to a food that you love, there are always alternative sources should you need to fully eliminate this food item from your diet.

Everybody thinks that food intolerance is always digestive related, but we have outlined seven unsuspecting and very surprising signs that you may have an intolerance. Check them out below!

Gaining Weight?
Common culprits: Refined carbs, added sugars, highly processed meats

Suffering from mood swings?
Common culprits: Wheat, dairy, fruit

Feeling Fatigued?
Common culprits: Dairy, soy, corn, gluten

Do you have Joint Pain and Muscle Aches?
Common culprits: Soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, yeast, sugar, peanuts

Suffering from Headaches?
Common culprits: Processed foods, cured meats

Feeling dizzy and anxious?
Common culprits: Fermented foods (wine, aged cheese, cured meats)

Worried that you may be experiencing the symptoms of food intolerance to a certain item?

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