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Can Allergy Testing Be Done With Hair?

When you start the process of an allergy test, you’ll be pleased to know that you can choose from several great options instead of simply going with one option regardless of whether it’s right for you or not. With that knowledge also comes the responsibility of...

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Home Allergy Testing vs Clinical Allergy Testing

Keeping yourself in fine working order often means that you need to consider your own health preferences. One piece of the puzzle is your approach to allergy testing. You can test allergies in a clinic or test allergies at home, and there is quite a lot of discussion...

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Allergies and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fun time to spend with loved ones. At least it should be. Those with food allergies can often feel excluded, as the holiday often means unknown foods and ingredients, from people who aren’t used to dealing with allergies. You’ll be happy to hear that...

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Can I Get My Dog Tested for Allergies?

Dogs are amazing; let’s just get that out there right now. They’re key members of our families, and they often are the topic of many the conversation with loved ones. As such, you want to make sure that you are doing what you can to make sure that their health and...

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7 Causes of Bloating (And How to Fight It!)

More likely than not, you are familiar with the all-too-common problem of stomach bloat. It’s common in everyone, from children to senior citizens. Some people struggle with it more than others. To fight it, you should know what is causing bloating for you personally....

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