5 Foods to Maximize Your Dietary Zinc - Test My Food Sensitivity

Your diet can be difficult to get just right when you are looking at eating all of the right foods. How can you possibly make sure that you are getting everything taken care-of for vitamins and minerals? This is even more of an issue if you are dealing with food intolerances that are limiting your food choices. Need some help specifically with zinc? Keep reading!

First thing’s first: food sensitivities

Before you start adding these foods to your diet, take a second to think. Are you intolerant to any of these foods? Do you suspect that you are? Consider a test for food sensitivities before starting a new diet (including this one). That way, you’ll have a clean slate that will help you to know which of these foods will give you the extra zinc you need with no downsides.

5 foods to get your zinc

Zinc is important for helping your metabolism, keeping your immune system in check and even repairing body tissues. Here are some great sources.

  1. Red meat: Not only is red meat delicious and filled with other nutrients and vitamins, but you can also get an impressive 40% of zinc from just a single serving of red meat. If you add lean red meat to your diet in proper amounts, you’ll have no issue meeting your zinc requirements.
  2. Hemp or pumpkin seeds: Seeds are great in salads, as snacks, or even baked into cookies for extra health benefits. Hemp seeds, for instance, offer you over 30% of your daily value of zinc in just 3 tablespoons. Pumpkin seeds are pretty much on par with that, too. Enjoy these in all of your favourite recipes and enjoy a bump in zinc.
  3. A glass of milk: You often hear that milk is great for calcium, but it’s also really good for zinc. Just a cup will give you 9% of your daily intake needs. If you have that with every meal, or with your breakfast cereal, it can be helpful for your zinc levels. Lactose intolerance is a common issue, however, so if you need zinc in your milk, try to find alternative kinds of milk that have zinc added.
  4. Eggs: Often called protein pockets, eggs offer great healthy fat and protein, but they also will give you moderate levels of zinc as well. These can be common food sensitivities, so you will have to substitute other foods in place if you are intolerant to eggs.
  5. Dark chocolate: In small portions, dark chocolate (that’s 70% cocoa or higher) can offer up 30% of your needs for zinc. Great for if you have a sweet tooth and want dessert, too! Make sure you check the zinc content in the chocolate that you choose!
  6. Potatoes: Zinc is high in potatoes, matching milk with 9%. Add these in as a vegetable, though make sure you don’t overindulge, as it could create a food sensitivity!
  7. Whole grains: You’ll get zinc from whole grains, but it’s important to note that it might be harder for your body to digest, so don’t use these as your main source of zinc.

Keep your diet on track by fuelling yourself with the proper amounts of zinc that you need to stay healthy and happy. These 7 suggestions will help you to make the most out of a tasty and healthy situation!