Can a Food Sensitivity Go Away? - Test My Food Sensitivity

If you’ve come to the realisation that you are dealing with a food sensitivity or a food intolerance, it can be overwhelming and frightening. Especially is that intolerance is to something that you absolutely love and eat often. It may lead you to feel as though you’re never going to be able to enjoy your favourite foods ever again, but that is not the case. In fact, it might even be possible for you to shake off your food sensitivity. This is a delicate and personalised process, of course, but it starts with the support of a food sensitivity test and builds up from there.

Start with a food sensitivity test

The first step to understanding what’s going on in your body is, well, understanding what’s going on in your body. When you are making a plan to retrain your gut and its health, you’ll want to take a food sensitivity test so that you can understand just what you are sensitive to and how prominent the sensitivity is. A food sensitivity test is fast, effective and totally personalised.

Consider an elimination diet with a long schedule

Once you determine the issues you want to retrain, you can take a look at the support of an elimination diet. This will help you weed out the problem foods from your diet, while still making sure you are getting the right nutrients for your health. The longer this is (as far as the detoxing stage), the better. Once you feel your body has recovered from all of the symptoms and you have a plan for reintroduction, you can start the next step. 

Go small and be conscious of your food choices

Remember with an elimination diet; you should reintroduce the excluded foods one at a time. This is particularly so in this situation where you want to retrain your gut to accept the food that you miss. Start in small amounts and gradually, slowly up the content.

Throughout this phase, also make sure that you don’t eat the same things over and over. From meats to fruits and vegetables to starch, keep your diet varied. This will make your body stronger in health as well as gut health. Eating the same things over and over can create complacent gut which may lead to more issues.

Remember to eat sparingly

If you find that you re successful in reintroducing the sensitivity into your gut — congratulations! — remember to be respectful of your body. As much as you love this food, remember the results from your food sensitivity test. Eat it sparingly in small amounts to make sure that you don’t end up with the same problem again because you’ve overdone it. 

A food sensitivity isn’t as “set in stone” as a food allergy or even an intolerance. It’s possible to retrain your gut to take on this problem food, but you’ll have to do it gradually and with the support of both a food sensitivity test and elimination diet. If you’re ready for the challenge, grab a testing kit and get started!