5 Replacements for Baking with Gluten Intolerance  - Test My Food Sensitivity

There’s so much joy in baking, especially if you get the lucky job of being the taste tester. If you are looking for a way to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the fun — even those who live with gluten intolerance — it’s important to find replacements for a lot of the more common recipes. To help you start out your journey to better, safer and enjoyable baking for all, here are 5 of the best delicious replacements that the unknowing tester won’t even notice in flavor.

Baking replacements for those with gluten intolerance

  1. Rice tortillas instead of crackers: When your favorite recipe calls for crackers in the whole form or crumbled, simply swap them out for rice tortillas or even rice cakes. If you really need that snap of a cracker, however, you can also check the alternative shops for gluten-free crackers. Just make sure they are truly gluten-free and recommended for those with gluten intolerance.
  2. Cornmeal instead of flour: From cookies to pancakes and beyond, cornmeal products are easy to find in your average grocery store and make a great alternative to flour-based products that you won’t notice as far as flavor goes. Plus, it’ll even give you a sharp increase in protein. Want more options? You can also look at coconut flour and even hazelnut flour. These can add a touch more flavor to the cakes or sweetbreads that you’re looking to enjoy, too!
  3. Enjoy meringue instead of frosting: Unless you are making your frosting from scratch where you can choose your own ingredients, consider the use of meringue instead. This will be a great gluten-free alternative to pre-made frostings, and you’ll find that it is even going to be easier to whip up and spread over cakes and cupcakes. Plus, it’s got the kicker sweet taste you’re going for.
  4. Vegetable-based pasta: Back in the day, gluten intolerance sufferers weren’t able to safely enjoy pasta. Now, however, you can find gluten-free options and even vegetable-based options that will help everyone get a chance to enjoy the delicious world of pasta without harm. Casseroles are no longer off the list!
  5. Croutons from nuts: If you are looking at stuffing or a special family recipe that calls for croutons, you can now look at the idea of getting the same crunch and touch of flavor, but without the gluten of your processed bread croutons. Nuts are also great sources of natural proteins and fats which you won’t find in processed croutons. This is exactly what you are going to want, even in baking.

Whether you’re looking for frosting or flour alternatives — or you just need to know where to go for gluten intolerance baking — these five options will give you plenty of variety that will all taste great however you want to put them to use. It’s nice to know that even those with gluten intolerance can enjoy a delicious and sweet birthday cake or casserole just like everyone else. It just takes a few simple swaps to make it happen.