5 Signs of Food Sensitivities - Test My Food Sensitivity

Generally speaking, most people know whether they have a food allergy. Or, they get allergy testing done and discover that way. But what about other serious dietary concerns such as food sensitivities? While they don’t trigger the same potentially life-threatening response as an allergy, they can still cause a lot of discomfort in the body that may cause a negative relationship with food. Understanding any food sensitivities you may have is important for many reasons. Here are some of the symptoms to watch for.

Common signs of food sensitivities

  • Brain fog and focus issues: There’s nothing worse than sitting down to work on something and not being able to focus. It’s a common problem for a lot of people, though, and it can often be related to something you ate that your body is sensitive to. Brain fog and difficulty in focusing are both common signs — while hard to track and relate to food sensitivity — that people with food sensitivities suffer from.
  • Bloating and stomach problems: Stomach issues such as rumbling, discomfort, or even aching are other signs that you’ve got an issue with your digestion. Excessive bloating, even after a small, slowly eaten meal, is another issue that can create big-time problems in those who are sensitivities. Whether it’s a little bit of these symptoms or a lot, they can be frustrating and common amongst those with sensitivities. Avoiding the foods that trigger them will give you much more relief than you’d think!
  • Rashes or eczema: The skin reacts to a sensitivity as well by getting, well, more sensitive. It could feel sensitive to the touch, or it could even break out in a rash or even an eczema flare-up. Since this, too, often occurs days after the sensitivity, it can take a lot of effort to realize on your own that it is connected to the meal that you ate a few days before.
  • Aches and migraines: From joint pain to aches to headaches and even migraines, a food sensitivity can attach its symptoms to just about anywhere. Most people assume they are just coming down with the flu or they are stressed. In reality, their body is struggling to process food as it is supposed to.
  • Weight loss or gain: It’s always nice to step on the scale and see you’ve lost a few pounds. If you notice that it appears to be melting off without too much on your side, it could be an issue. This is also the case if you notice that you are gaining weight without doing anything differently. Both weight loss and weight gain can be signs of dietary concern.

You deserve to have a good relationship with food and also enjoy a symptom-free life. If you take the time to understand your body’s needs by taking a food sensitivity test, you’ll be able to give yourself a leg up into the world of understanding your body better and simply enjoying your day to day life a whole lot more. It’s nice to think that something as easy as a simple food sensitivity test can help you avoid all of these symptoms.