7 Causes of Bloating (And How to Fight It!) - Test My Food Sensitivity

More likely than not, you are familiar with the all-too-common problem of stomach bloat. It’s common in everyone, from children to senior citizens. Some people struggle with it more than others. To fight it, you should know what is causing bloating for you personally. After all, if you don’t see the culprit, how can you fight? Here are 7 common causes of bloating.

What causes bloating?

  1. Eating too quickly: There’s a reason that we’re taught to eat slowly. When you eat too quickly, it can cause bloating. This is because the stomach can only digest food so quickly, and everything gets queued into the stomach, creating the bloat.
  1. Eating too much: We are all guilty of eating too much, simply because it takes time for our stomachs to tell us that we are actually full. In the meantime, we’re still eating. This creates the same line up in the stomach, and you’ll feel bloated or stuffed.
  1. Having a lot of starchy foods: From beans to pasta to other refined starchy foods, you’ll find that these are all known to cause bloat. The rich foods take a lot of effort and time to break down, and that will create gas bubbles in the stomach.
  1. Having a lot of sugary foods: This is much the same with sugary foods, including alcohol. Whether it’s natural sugars, refined sugars, or sugar alcohol, your culprit to what causes bloating could just be your sweet tooth!
  1. Dealing with food intolerance: Bloating is a common symptom of a food intolerance. It might be a good idea to get a food intolerance test, even if it’s just to rule it out as an option.
  1. Having IBS: If you IBS, bloating is pretty much just part of your daily (or every-other-daily) routine. Digestion problems are common with IBS, and this creates a gas build-up that will lead to bloating.
  1. Dealing with air bubbles: If you have a build-up of air bubbles in your stomach, this could also be the culprit. This could be gas bubbles, as mentioned, or it could be actual air bubbles. For example, if you chew a lot of gum, you are swallowing a lot of air.

How to prevent bloating

If you want to curb your bloating problem but do it without compromising your food-related quality of life, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  • Rule out the more serious issues: When you are looking at what causes bloating for you in particular, it’s a good idea to rule out food intolerances or IBS, amongst other serious medical issues. This is also great for peace of mind.
  • Keep a log of food and any symptoms: A doctor or other medical professionals cannot help you if they don’t know what’s going on in your body. Keep a food log and jot down any bloat-related symptoms that you experience after eating.
  • Minimize bloat-causing food: As mentioned, sugary and starchy foods are notorious for causing bloating in everyone. Stay in charge of your bloat by avoiding those known bloat-causing foods. Your stomach, pants and overall enjoyment of food will benefit.

You can win the battle against stomach bloat! You just need to take a moment to make sure you know its cause for you personally.