5 food swaps for those with Gluten Sensitivity - Test My Food Sensitivity

Living with a food sensitivity often feels as though you are missing out. After all, everyone else can eat pizza and cake without being severely uncomfortable or sick, but you can’t. There’s no fun in that, but now you can take a look at fighting back by taking a look at the idea of food swaps for gluten sensitivity. There are plenty of options out there that will open up the world of your tastebuds. You just need to get started!

Delicious food swaps for avoiding gluten

Here are the best tried and tested options out there for those who want to enjoy gluten-rich foods without the actual gluten part. The best part is that these aren’t compromises. They’re delicious alternatives that will show you just how diverse the food-related world is.

  • Lettuce sandwiches: Since gluten-free bread is expensive and often still contains traces of gluten, just skip the bread entirely. You can take a look at the idea of replacing bread with delicious and healthy lettuce leaves. You’ll be able to enjoy a great rich flavor in your sandwich, and all it takes is a wonderful head of lettuce to give it to you!
  • Cauliflower pizza dough: Pizza is often a hard sell with gluten-free cooking. However, you can make it for yourself by relying on a base of cauliflower, almond, and eggs. This will give you an impressive, delicious pizza crust that is easy to top with anything that you could want from it. While it takes a bit more prep, the similarity in the flavor is going to be wonderful for those who have never been able to enjoy pizza without being uncomfortable or sick.
  • Almond cake: Yes, you can really enjoy traditional and classic cake recipes that are going to be as delicious as you’re thinking right now. Almond cake relies on the use of ground almonds for its base instead of flour, and from there, it’s just baking as usual. The almonds offer a unique flavor, and it will go great with your favorite icing!
  • Rice flour pasta: Pasta is no longer off the menu, which is great when you love eating Italian food. You can find all sorts of options for rice flour pasta right in the grocery store, or you can make them from scratch if that’s something that you prefer. The freedom is yours, and you can explore the deliciousness that your average shopper would simply take for granted.

There’s no reason that you need to avoid anything — except for gluten, obviously — when you are living with gluten sensitivity. No more than ever, there are all sorts of alternatives available. If any of these jumped out at you to try, you’ll find all sorts of recipes and tricks online to help you get your kitchen going. Gluten sensitivity no longer has to be a death sentence for cake or pizza. It just means finding another way to enjoy these delicious favorites for yourself and your loved ones. No tastebud gets left behind with these gluten-free treats!