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If you’re ever considered growing your own fruit and veg but aren’t too convinced of the benefits, we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons that should tip the scales and encourage you to make the switch to home-grown produce.


1. Keep You Active

As you’ll be aware, gardening isn’t a lazy hobby. It’s a great way to get off the couch and be more active – especially since you’ll have maintenance tasks and regular checks to make sure everything’s growing well. It ensures you’ll regularly be getting a little light exercise.


2. More Sun

More time outside means more sun. This extra sun has a few benefits for your health, such as vitamin D production and improving your mental well-being. Let’s be honest, most of us are happy to have an excuse to catch some more rays!


3. Save Money

It’s an obvious one, but you’ll save plenty of money over the year by not having fruit and veg on your shopping list. This means you can spend more cash elsewhere, maybe even on a more expensive cut of meat, or just putting it away for a memorable family holiday.


4. Fresh from the Garden Tastes Better

Homegrown produce is fresher, so it tastes better. This is because, with store-bought food, it’s traveled a long way from the farm to the shop and sat there for a while before you bought it to take home and eat (which might in a few more days!). Compare all of that to growing in your garden, picking and eating it right away and there’s no wonder it tastes better.


5. More Nutritious

The same reasoning for the food tasting better also applies to it being more nutritious. Turns out that food loses nutritional value the longer you wait between picking and eating it. It’s not just a minor 2 or 5% reduction either, many foods easily lose over 50% of their nutritional value within a week of harvest. Spinach only retains 10% of its vitamin C content 24 hours after picking.


6. No Chemical Pesticides

You have far more control over the growing environment of your garden. And even if you find yourself having an issue with disease or pests, there’s usually an organic way to resolve it. Since pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and some birth defects, and organic produce tends to cost an arm and a leg, it makes sense to consider growing your own.


7. Reduced contamination risk

If you or a loved one are allergic to anything, then this is a major benefit of switching to home-grown food. Since farmers often rotate between different crops on the same field throughout the year, the risk of your produce having been contaminated with an allergen is high. You can virtually eliminate this risk by being the one to oversee the matter.


Bonus: Satisfaction

Okay, we’ve actually got 8 reasons. Surprise! There’s a certain satisfaction in planting, nurturing and preparing your own food that can never be replaced by simply buying them instore. It’s this feeling of satisfaction, responsibility, and pride that benefits you mentally too. You can begin right away too. We’ve even written another article to help you start to grow your won fruit and veg.